Third World Bunfight: Twenty years of Theatre

‘How do I describe 20 years of performances in 50 minutes?’

Brett Bailey, the new Artistic Director of the National Arts Festival and Creative Director of Third World Bunfight, spent well over 50 minutes on this task on Sunday. The presentation was a dense, deep unpacking of his wide body of work that was a pleasure to watch.

Over the last 20 years Brett Bailey produced over a dozen performances, including IpiZombi, MacBeth, Big DadaHouse of the Holy Afro and Terminal. These productions have taken the form of theatre productions, moving installations, operas, site-specific performances and house music shows.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first Third World Bunfight show, Zombie, at the National Arts Festival. Continue reading

Enemies and Friends: Documenting African Conflict

Standing alongside his images of child-soldiers, displaced civilians and war-torn landscapes, James Oatway explains to the small crowd gathered around him that he doesn’t consider himself a ‘war photographer.’  His exhibition entitled Enemies & Friends is divided into three segments, each one a powerful collection of Oatway’s work documenting conflict in African countries.

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100 years of war… resistance… memory… photography

Cedric pic

Photographer Cedric Nunn spent 2013 in the Eastern Cape revisiting sites of resistance to colonialism and apartheid. The result is an exhibition of landscapes that speak loudly about the marks of war, repression and resistance. Nunn will be talking about this work Unsettled: 100 Years of War and Resistance by the Xhosa Against Boer and British on Sat 5 July at 12:00 in Eden Grove Blue. The exhibition is in Fort Selwyn at the top of Lucas Avenue and just below the 1820 Settlers’ Monument.