Conflict Reporting with Paula Slier

After 15 years of front line reporting as the Middle East Bureau Chief at Russia Today (RT), Paula Slier has had extensive experience reporting in war zones.

In this presentation Paula discusses new dangers faced by conflict journalists, the risks and unique advantages of reporting on conflict as a woman, the difficulty of validating information and the state of various refugee camps in Europe.


Slier spent half of her presentation answering questions from the audience, graciously giving comprehensive explanations of various crises in the Middle East and the nature of international media.

Alternative international media: Russia Today (RT)

With a large global viewership and an appeal to media consumers beyond Russia, RT Television has become a global power in online and television journalism. Karina Melikyan, RT Head of Content Distribution Services, explored the strong youth following behind RT Television and the extent of RT Television’s international journalism


Samora Sekhukhune, Karina Melikyan and Paula Slier

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The universality of human suffering

History offers mankind many things. It’s not only the opportunity to critically reflect on the mistakes of the past, but also to remember and empathise with people just like ourselves.

“My story is not unique, there are so many stories like this and most of them will never be told,” says journalist Paula Slier, about her documentary 119 Lives Unlived which explores the lives of the Slier family who were killed at Auschwitz during World War II.

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‘I became a mirror of society’

Controversial German/South African artist Manfred Zylla and Filmfest director Trevor Taylor examined the position of ‘art’ as a method of resistance to coercion by structures of state, religious, financial, censorial and corporate power. Zylla is presenting an exhibition of new work entitled 120 Days of Sodom & Waiting For …, which is inspired by the Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini who was murdered in 1975, the French philosopher/writer the Marquis de Sade, Dante Alighieri (the author of The Divine Comedy) and Milton, author of Paradise Lost.

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